What's this?

Type or copy and paste your ZOOMA search terms in here. Each search term should be on a new line. If you have type information, put a tab then your type, like:
Homo sapiens <tab> organism

ZOOMA expects to receive a value that you might wish to annotate to an ontology term (so any sort of value that makes up a biological description). Text values can be as long as you like, and can consist of many words or punctuation characters, but must not contain tab characters.

Zooma is a tool for mapping free text annotations to ontology term based on a curated repository of annotation knowledge.

Where mappings are not found in the curated respository one or more ontologies can be selected from the Ontology Lookup Service to increase coverage. For example if you want to map GWAS annotations select the GWAS datasource and a common disease ontology such as EFO or DOID to maximise coverage when terms have no curated mappings.

Use the text box to find possible ontology mappings for free text terms in the ZOOMA repository of curated annotation knowledge. You can add one term (e.g. 'Homo sapiens') per line. If you also have a type for your term (e.g. 'organism'), put this after the term, separated by a tab.
If you are new to ZOOMA, take a look at our getting started guide.


The table below shows a report describing how ZOOMA annotates text terms supplied above.

Term Type

This column shows any typing information supplied as part of a search. This will correspond to the value at the end of the line, after any tabs, in the search box above.

Term Value

This is the text value supplied as part of a search. This will correspond to one of the values supplied in the search box above.

Ontology Class Label

If ZOOMA could annotate your term, this column contains the label of the class in the ontology that ZOOMA annotated to.

Mapping Confidence

This column indicates how confident ZOOMA was with the mapping. "High" means ZOOMA is confident enough that this mapping could be trusted automatically, whereas "Good", "Medium" or "Low" means ZOOMA found at least match that might fit but ZOOMA is not confident enough that you should automatically assert it.

Ontology Class ID

The ID of the class in the ontology ZOOMA annotated your text to.


The source of this mapping. This is usually a dataset in which a similar property value was found annotated to the suggested ontology class.