1 Installation of FREGENE

  1. FREGENE is a C++ program that uses packages from the GNU Scientific Library (GSL), available at:

    For Linux users, the installation is straightforward and documented in the downloaded archive.

    For Mac users we suggest to:

    FREGENE has been developed and tested using the g++ compiler on several Linux platforms. Compilation using alternative compiler may require some modifications in the makefile file.

  2. Download fregene.tgz and unpack it by typing    tar -xzvf fregene.tgz    to generate the Fregene directory.
  3. Type    cd Fregene/Fregene_source    and then     make    to create the executable file fregene.
  4. To use SAMPLE, type    cd ../Sample    and type    make    to create the executable file sample.
  5. To check the installation, and create the example files mentioned below, move to the Example directory and run the example script by typing    ./fregene_example.sh    and then    ./fregene_sample.sh

Imperial College -- August 2008