The Universal Protein Resource (UniProt) is a comprehensive resource for protein sequence and functional annotation data. UniProt comprises three major components, each optimised for different uses. The UniProt Knowledgebase (UniProtKB) is an expertly curated database, and a central access point for integrated protein information with cross-references to multiple sources. The UniProt Archive (UniParc) is a comprehensive sequence repository, reflecting the history of all protein sequences. UniProt Reference Clusters (UniRef) merge closely related sequences based on sequence identity to speed up searches. UniProt is produced by a long-standing consortium between EMBL-EBI, SIB and PIR.

Team members

Alex Bateman
Maria-Jesus Martin
Claire O’Donovan
Hermann Zellner
Nidhi Tyagi
Sangya Pundir
Borisas Bursteinas
Andrew Nightingale
Emanuele Alpi
Rabie Saidi
Jie Luo
Guoying Qi
Vladimir Volynkin
Leyla Jael Garcia Castro
Maurizio De Giorgi
Alan Da Silva
Tony Sawford
Wudong Liu
Diego Poggioli
Mark Bingley
Xavier Watkins
Benoit Bely
Ricardo Antunes
Edward Turner
Tony Wardell
Steven Rosanoff