Hi everybody,

We are holding our next hackaton about annotation of pig lncrnas in Barcelona on April 6-7th 2016.

Registration Deadline: By March 27th

I have copied previous meeting program into a google doc with my phone contact and links to hotels nearby our institute. Here is the url where we can modify the program for the next meeting:

Pablo Prieto Barja

Dear all,

I hereby enclose the minutes from lncRNA meeting at PAG. I think a couple of people is missing from the participant list. For this and other comments to minutes, please drop me an email.

The work will continue with focus on analysis of lncRNAs in pig chrX and work that can support the further efforts are welcomed at future hackathons. The hackathon schedule is:

Copenhagen: Feb 25-26
Barcelona:  April 7-8

To participate in the Copenhagen hackathon (*) please go to and sign before February 9.