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Protein Functional Analysis (PFA) tools are used to assign biological or biochemical roles to proteins. 

Important Note

  • We kindly ask all users of EMBL-EBI Web Services to submit tool jobs in batches of no more than 30 at a time and not to submit more until the results and processing is complete. Please ensure that a valid email address is provided. Excessive usage of a particular resource will be dealt with in accordance with EMBL-EBI's Terms of Use. Please contact us if you need further information.
InterProScan 5A tool that combines different protein signature recognition methods.
PfamScanPfamScan is used to search a FASTA sequence against a library of Pfam HMM.
Phobius Prediction of transmembrane topology and signal peptides from the amino acid sequence of a protein.
Pratt Search for patterns conserved in sets of unaligned protein sequences.
RADAR Detection and alignment of repeats in protein sequences.
HMMER3 hmmscanSearch sequences against collections of profiles.
HMMER3 phmmerSearch sequences against collections of profiles.
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