Web Services

A programmatic access to the content of the Systems Biology Ontology is provided by web services.

This section describes the new version of the Web Services. You need to update your Java library to access them, as we use a new web services stack (JAX-WS).
The old web services will remain available for some time before being discontinued.

What's new?

The SBO web services evolved in order to be more coherent and easier to use. If you were using the previous web services, here are the things which changed:

Official identifiers

Official identifiers (for example SBO:0000029) are now used as parameters of all methods available (instead of the number only part previously used). New methods have therefore been created, using the official identifiers as parameters; and old methods, using number only identifiers, became obsolete. Have a look at the list of available services in order to know which methods are obsolete and which methods you should use instead.

A conversion method (only available via the Java library) allows one to convert number only identifiers into official ones.

New objects

A new simpler Term object has been created. For more information about the Java library, you can have a look at the Javadoc.

Returned values

When a method returns a list of values (for example getTerms()), the result can be null or an empty list.

Obsolete web services

The old web services (Axis based) will remain available for some time before being discontinued. Please consider migrating to the latest ones.