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Accession Name
SBO:0000183 transcription [Tree view] [Entry view]
SBO:0000329 transcription start site [Tree view] [Entry view]

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Accession Name
SBO:0000311 heterogeneous nuclear RNA [Tree view] [Entry view]
SBO:0000312 mature messenger RNA [Tree view] [Entry view]
SBO:0000278 messenger RNA [Tree view] [Entry view]
SBO:0000590 promoter [Tree view] [Entry view]
SBO:0000598 promoter (obsolete term) [Entry view]
SBO:0000597 silencer [Tree view] [Entry view]
SBO:0000318 small nuclear RNA [Tree view] [Entry view]
SBO:0000319 small nucleolar RNA [Tree view] [Entry view]

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