1. Latest version of CellNOpt and related software

Note 17 June 2015: New version will not be provided anymore since cellnopt source code is now publicly available on github at

Note for Windows users: to ease the installation of .tar.gz files, you can use the R packages called Rtools.

CellNOptR Latest version: CellNOptR_1.11.3_svn4783.tar.gz
CNORdt Latest version: CNORdt_1.9.1_2bfcf6920c.tar.gz
CNORfeeder Latest version: CNORfeeder_1.3.0_svn4261.tar.gz
CNORfuzzy Latest version: CNORfuzzy_1.5.0_svn4260.tar.gz
CNORode Latest version: CNORode_1.5.1_svn4487.tar.gz
MEIGOR Latest version: MEIGOR_0.99.6_svn4639.tar.gz
MATLAB version of CNO CNO 2.1 tar ball and zip version
MATLAB version of Q2LM Q2LM 1.2 tar ball and zip version
CytocopterSee main Cytocopter page
Python wrapper (cnolab.wrapper)See Pypi page

2. Some previous version

Would you require a specific version, please send a mail to or visit github.






Note that files without SVN tag are not guaranteed to be unique. A package built with different SVN revision may have the same R version.