CellNOpt Documentation Center (CNODocs) (0.1.6)

5. Installation FAQS

If you use biocLite to install CellNOptR, R dependencies should be installed automatically. However, some libraries may need to be installed by you outside of R.

5.1. RGraphviz installation under Linux

For example, the Rgraphviz library relies on mesa library.

Under Linux (ubuntu), you should install:


For those insterested to play with the cellnopt.wrapper, which is a Python wrapper, you should install the following librairies:


5.2. RCurl cannot be installed with a curl-config error

Under Ubuntu 12.04, during the installation of RCurl package (biocLite(RCurl), I got an error related to a missing rcurl-config.

This can be solved by installing the relevant packages:

sudo apt-get install curl libcurl4-openssl-dev