Fellowship opportunities

Fellowship opportunities

We are currently participating in calls for fellowship applications through a number of programmes.

Interdisciplinary postdocs: The EI3POD programme

The EI3POD programme offers an opportunity for fellows to carry out interdisiplinary research in the context of inter-institutional or intersectorial collaborations. You can read more about the programme and apply through the EMBL website.

Wellcome Genome campus: The ESPOD programme

Close collaborations between EMBL-EBI and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute are common and strongly encouraged by both institutes. Our researchers have easy access to scientific expertise, well-equipped facilities and an active seminar programme. The EMBL-EBI–Sanger Postdoctoral (ESPOD) Programme builds on the collaborative relationship between the two institutes, offering projects that combine experimental (wet-lab) and computational (dry-lab) approaches. You can read more about ESPODs on our postdocs pages.

Scientific collaborations

EIPOD Postdoctoral fellowships

REBIT-POD postdoc fellowships

Postdocs: CTTV

Opporunitities in collaboration with the Centre for Theurapeutic Target Validation: