Publications for 2009


Finding one's way in proteomics: a protein species nomenclature.
Schlüter H, Apweiler R, Holzhütter HG, Jungblut PR.
Chemistry Central journal Volume 3 (2009) p.11

A System for Information Management in BioMedical Studies--SIMBioMS.
Krestyaninova M, Zarins A, Viksna J, Kurbatova N, Rucevskis P, Neogi SG, Gostev M, Perheentupa T, Knuuttila J, Barrett A, Lappalainen I, Rung J, Podnieks K, Sarkans U, McCarthy MI, Brazma A.
Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) Volume 25 (2009) p.2768-2769

Drug target central.
Harland L, Gaulton A.
Expert opinion on drug discovery Volume 4 (2009) p.857-872

Strand selective generation of endo-siRNAs from the Na/phosphate transporter gene Slc34a1 in murine tissues.
Carlile M, Swan D, Jackson K, Preston-Fayers K, Ballester B, Flicek P, Werner A.
Nucleic acids research Volume 37 (2009) p.2274-2282

Debunking minimum information myths: one hat need not fit all.
Orchard S, Taylor CF.
New biotechnology Volume 25 (2009) p.171-172

Genomic DNA k-mer spectra: models and modalities.
Chor B, Horn D, Goldman N, Levy Y, Massingham T.
Genome biology Volume 10 (2009) p.R108

Designing and encoding models for synthetic biology.
Endler L, Rodriguez N, Juty N, Chelliah V, Laibe C, Li C, Le Novère N.
Journal of the Royal Society, Interface Volume 6 Suppl 4 (2009) p.S405-17

Nucleoside diphosphate kinase (NDPK, NM23, AWD): recent regulatory advances in endocytosis, metastasis, psoriasis, insulin release, fetal erythroid lineage and heart failure; translational medicine exemplified.
Mehta A, Orchard S.
Molecular and cellular biochemistry Volume 329 (2009) p.3-15

Evolution. Uniting alignments and trees.
Löytynoja A, Goldman N.
Science (New York, N.Y.) Volume 324 (2009) p.1528-1529

Applications of high-throughput sequencing to chromatin structure and function in mammals.
Dunham I.
F1000 biology reports Volume 1 (2009) p.32

Genome-wide association study and meta-analysis find that over 40 loci affect risk of type 1 diabetes.
Barrett JC, Clayton DG, Concannon P, Akolkar B, Cooper JD, Erlich HA, Julier C, Morahan G, Nerup J, Nierras C, Plagnol V, Pociot F, Schuilenburg H, Smyth DJ, Stevens H, Todd JA, Walker NM, Rich SS, Type 1 Diabetes Genetics Consortium.
Nature genetics Volume 41 (2009) p.703-707

A protein interaction network for the large conductance Ca(2+)-activated K(+) channel in the mouse cochlea.
Kathiresan T, Harvey M, Orchard S, Sakai Y, Sokolowski B.
Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP Volume 8 (2009) p.1972-1987

Genomic resources for invertebrate vectors of human pathogens, and the role of VectorBase.
Megy K, Hammond M, Lawson D, Bruggner RV, Birney E, Collins FH.
Infection, genetics and evolution : journal of molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics in infectious diseases Volume 9 (2009) p.308-313

Reactome knowledgebase of human biological pathways and processes.
Matthews L, Gopinath G, Gillespie M, Caudy M, Croft D, de Bono B, Garapati P, Hemish J, Hermjakob H, Jassal B, Kanapin A, Lewis S, Mahajan S, May B, Schmidt E, Vastrik I, Wu G, Birney E, Stein L, D'Eustachio P.
Nucleic acids research Volume 37 (2009) p.D619-22

A HUPO test sample study reveals common problems in mass spectrometry-based proteomics.
Bell AW, Deutsch EW, Au CE, Kearney RE, Beavis R, Sechi S, Nilsson T, Bergeron JJ, HUPO Test Sample Working Group.
Nature methods Volume 6 (2009) p.423-430

Sequence progressive alignment, a framework for practical large-scale probabilistic consistency alignment.
Paten B, Herrero J, Beal K, Birney E.
Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) Volume 25 (2009) p.295-301

Metal-MACiE: a database of metals involved in biological catalysis.
Andreini C, Bertini I, Cavallaro G, Holliday GL, Thornton JM.
Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) Volume 25 (2009) p.2088-2089

WSsas: a web service for the annotation of functional residues through structural homologues.
Talavera D, Laskowski RA, Thornton JM.
Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) Volume 25 (2009) p.1192-1194

MAPU 2.0: high-accuracy proteomes mapped to genomes.
Gnad F, Oroshi M, Birney E, Mann M.
Nucleic acids research Volume 37 (2009) p.D902-6

The need for speed.
Flicek P.
Genome biology Volume 10 (2009) p.212

Probing the "dark matter" of protein fold space.
Taylor WR, Chelliah V, Hollup SM, MacDonald JT, Jonassen I.
Structure (London, England : 1993) Volume 17 (2009) p.1244-1252

ArrayExpress update--from an archive of functional genomics experiments to the atlas of gene expression.
Parkinson H, Kapushesky M, Kolesnikov N, Rustici G, Shojatalab M, Abeygunawardena N, Berube H, Dylag M, Emam I, Farne A, Holloway E, Lukk M, Malone J, Mani R, Pilicheva E, Rayner TF, Rezwan F, Sharma A, Williams E, Bradley XZ, Adamusiak T, Brandizi M, Burdett T, Coulson R, Krestyaninova M, Kurnosov P, Maguire E, Neogi SG, Rocca-Serra P, Sansone SA, Sklyar N, Zhao M, Sarkans U, Brazma A.
Nucleic acids research Volume 37 (2009) p.D868-72

Finding query suggestions for PubMed.
Lu Z, Wilbur WJ, McEntyre JR, Iskhakov A, Szilagyi L.
AMIA ... Annual Symposium proceedings. AMIA Symposium Volume 2009 (2009) p.396-400

Ending the "publish and vanish" culture: how the data standardization process will assist in data harvesting.
Orchard S.
Journal of proteome research Volume 8 (2009) p.3219

Mosaic 22q13 deletions: evidence for concurrent mosaic segmental isodisomy and gene conversion.
Bonaglia MC, Giorda R, Beri S, Bigoni S, Sensi A, Baroncini A, Capucci A, De Agostini C, Gwilliam R, Deloukas P, Dunham I, Zuffardi O.
European Journal of Human Genetics Volume 17 (2009) p.426-433

The fission yeast homeodomain protein Yox1p binds to MBF and confines MBF-dependent cell-cycle transcription to G1-S via negative feedback.
Aligianni S, Lackner DH, Klier S, Rustici G, Wilhelm BT, Marguerat S, Codlin S, Brazma A, de Bruin RA, Bähler J.
PLoS genetics Volume 5 (2009) p.e1000626

Prepublication data sharing.
Toronto International Data Release Workshop Authors, Birney E, Hudson TJ, Green ED, Gunter C, Eddy S, Rogers J, Harris JR, Ehrlich SD, Apweiler R, Austin CP, Berglund L, Bobrow M, Bountra C, Brookes AJ, Cambon-Thomsen A, Carter NP, Chisholm RL, Contreras JL, Cooke RM, Crosby WL, Dewar K, Durbin R, Dyke SO, Ecker JR, El Emam K, Feuk L, Gabriel SB, Gallacher J, Gelbart WM, Granell A, Guarner F, Hubbard T, Jackson SA, Jennings JL, Joly Y, Jones SM, Kaye J, Kennedy KL, Knoppers BM, Kyrpides NC, Lowrance WW, Luo J, MacKay JJ, Martín-Rivera L, McCombie WR, McPherson JD, Miller L, Miller W, Moerman D, Mooser V, Morton CC, Ostell JM, Ouellette BF, Parkhill J, Raina PS, Rawlings C, Scherer SE, Scherer SW, Schofield PN, Sensen CW, Stodden VC, Sussman MR, Tanaka T, Thornton J, Tsunoda T, Valle D, Vuorio EI, Walker NM, Wallace S, Weinstock G, Whitman WB, Worley KC, Wu C, Wu J, Yu J.
Nature Volume 461 (2009) p.168-170

Nucleic Acids Research annual Database Issue and the NAR online Molecular Biology Database Collection in 2009.
Galperin MY, Cochrane GR.
Nucleic acids research Volume 37 (2009) p.D1-4

Correction: Reactome: a knowledge base of biologic pathways and processes.
Vastrik I, D'Eustachio P, Schmidt E, Gopinath G, Croft D, de Bono B, Gillespie M, Jassal B, Lewis S, Matthews L, Wu G, Birney E, Stein L.
Genome biology Volume 10 (2009) p.402-402

The CATH hierarchy revisited-structural divergence in domain superfamilies and the continuity of fold space.
Cuff A, Redfern OC, Greene L, Sillitoe I, Lewis T, Dibley M, Reid A, Pearl F, Dallman T, Todd A, Garratt R, Thornton J, Orengo C.
Structure (London, England : 1993) Volume 17 (2009) p.1051-1062

Structural analysis of metal sites in proteins: non-heme iron sites as a case study.
Andreini C, Bertini I, Cavallaro G, Najmanovich RJ, Thornton JM.
Journal of molecular biology Volume 388 (2009) p.356-380

Functional diversity for REST (NRSF) is defined by in vivo binding affinity hierarchies at the DNA sequence level.
Bruce AW, López-Contreras AJ, Flicek P, Down TA, Dhami P, Dillon SC, Koch CM, Langford CF, Dunham I, Andrews RM, Vetrie D.
Genome research Volume 19 (2009) p.994-1005

Understanding the functional roles of amino acid residues in enzyme catalysis.
Holliday GL, Mitchell JB, Thornton JM.
Journal of molecular biology Volume 390 (2009) p.560-577

FlyBase: enhancing Drosophila Gene Ontology annotations.
Tweedie S, Ashburner M, Falls K, Leyland P, McQuilton P, Marygold S, Millburn G, Osumi-Sutherland D, Schroeder A, Seal R, Zhang H, FlyBase Consortium.
Nucleic Acids Research Volume 37 (2009) p.D555-9

A gene regulatory network directed by zebrafish No tail accounts for its roles in mesoderm formation.
Morley RH, Lachani K, Keefe D, Gilchrist MJ, Flicek P, Smith JC, Wardle FC.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Volume 106 (2009) p.3829-3834

Reciprocal regulation of microRNA and mRNA profiles in neuronal development and synapse formation.
Manakov SA, Grant SG, Enright AJ.
BMC genomics Volume 10 (2009) p.419

The Drosophila melanogaster PeptideAtlas facilitates the use of peptide data for improved fly proteomics and genome annotation.
Loevenich SN, Brunner E, King NL, Deutsch EW, Stein SE, FlyBase Consortium, Aebersold R, Hafen E.
BMC bioinformatics Volume 10 (2009) p.59

In defense of statistical methods for detecting positive selection.
Yang Z, Nielsen R, Goldman N.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Volume 106 (2009) p.E95; author reply E96

Representative Amino Acid Side Chain Interactions in Proteins. A Comparison of Highly Accurate Correlated ab Initio Quantum Chemical and Empirical Potential Procedures.
Berka K, Laskowski R, Riley KE, Hobza P, Vondrášek J.
Journal of chemical theory and computation Volume 5 (2009) p.982-992

Proteomics data collection--4th ProDaC workshop 15 August 2008, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Eisenacher M, Kohl M, Martens L, Barsnes H, Hardt T, Levander F, Häkkinen J, Apweiler R, Meyer HE, Stephan C.
Proteomics Volume 9 (2009) p.218-222

ASTD: The Alternative Splicing and Transcript Diversity database.
Koscielny G, Le Texier V, Gopalakrishnan C, Kumanduri V, Riethoven JJ, Nardone F, Stanley E, Fallsehr C, Hofmann O, Kull M, Harrington E, Boué S, Eyras E, Plass M, Lopez F, Ritchie W, Moucadel V, Ara T, Pospisil H, Herrmann A, G Reich J, Guigó R, Bork P, Doeberitz Mv, Vilo J, Hide W, Apweiler R, Thanaraj TA, Gautheret D.
Genomics Volume 93 (2009) p.213-220

Approaching clinical proteomics: current state and future fields of application in fluid proteomics.
Apweiler R, Aslanidis C, Deufel T, Gerstner A, Hansen J, Hochstrasser D, Kellner R, Kubicek M, Lottspeich F, Maser E, Mewes HW, Meyer HE, Müllner S, Mutter W, Neumaier M, Nollau P, Nothwang HG, Ponten F, Radbruch A, Reinert K, Rothe G, Stockinger H, Tarnok A, Taussig MJ, Thiel A, Thiery J, Ueffing M, Valet G, Vandekerckhove J, Verhuven W, Wagener C, Wagner O, Schmitz G.
Clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine Volume 47 (2009) p.724-744

Systematic comparison of the human saliva and plasma proteomes.
Yan W, Apweiler R, Balgley BM, Boontheung P, Bundy JL, Cargile BJ, Cole S, Fang X, Gonzalez-Begne M, Griffin TJ, Hagen F, Hu S, Wolinsky LE, Lee CS, Malamud D, Melvin JE, Menon R, Mueller M, Qiao R, Rhodus NL, Sevinsky JR, States D, Stephenson JL, Than S, Yates JR, Yu W, Xie H, Xie Y, Omenn GS, Loo JA, Wong DT.
Proteomics. Clinical applications Volume 3 (2009) p.116-134

Integrating sequence, evolution and functional genomics in regulatory genomics.
Vingron M, Brazma A, Coulson R, van Helden J, Manke T, Palin K, Sand O, Ukkonen E.
Genome biology Volume 10 (2009) p.202

The consensus coding sequence (CCDS) project: Identifying a common protein-coding gene set for the human and mouse genomes.
Pruitt KD, Harrow J, Harte RA, Wallin C, Diekhans M, Maglott DR, Searle S, Farrell CM, Loveland JE, Ruef BJ, Hart E, Suner MM, Landrum MJ, Aken B, Ayling S, Baertsch R, Fernandez-Banet J, Cherry JL, Curwen V, Dicuccio M, Kellis M, Lee J, Lin MF, Schuster M, Shkeda A, Amid C, Brown G, Dukhanina O, Frankish A, Hart J, Maidak BL, Mudge J, Murphy MR, Murphy T, Rajan J, Rajput B, Riddick LD, Snow C, Steward C, Webb D, Weber JA, Wilming L, Wu W, Birney E, Haussler D, Hubbard T, Ostell J, Durbin R, Lipman D.
Genome research Volume 19 (2009) p.1316-1323

A genome-wide meta-analysis identifies 22 loci associated with eight hematological parameters in the HaemGen consortium.
Soranzo N, Spector TD, Mangino M, Kühnel B, Rendon A, Teumer A, Willenborg C, Wright B, Chen L, Li M, Salo P, Voight BF, Burns P, Laskowski RA, Xue Y, Menzel S, Altshuler D, Bradley JR, Bumpstead S, Burnett MS, Devaney J, Döring A, Elosua R, Epstein SE, Erber W, Falchi M, Garner SF, Ghori MJ, Goodall AH, Gwilliam R, Hakonarson HH, Hall AS, Hammond N, Hengstenberg C, Illig T, König IR, Knouff CW, McPherson R, Melander O, Mooser V, Nauck M, Nieminen MS, O'Donnell CJ, Peltonen L, Potter SC, Prokisch H, Rader DJ, Rice CM, Roberts R, Salomaa V, Sambrook J, Schreiber S, Schunkert H, Schwartz SM, Serbanovic-Canic J, Sinisalo J, Siscovick DS, Stark K, Surakka I, Stephens J, Thompson JR, Völker U, Völzke H, Watkins NA, Wells GA, Wichmann HE, Van Heel DA, Tyler-Smith C, Thein SL, Kathiresan S, Perola M, Reilly MP, Stewart AF, Erdmann J, Samani NJ, Meisinger C, Greinacher A, Deloukas P, Ouwehand WH, Gieger C.
Nature genetics Volume 41 (2009) p.1182-1190

Annual spring meeting of the Proteomics Standards Initiative.
Orchard S, Deutsch EW, Binz PA, Jones AR, Creasy D, Montechi-Palazzi L, Corthals G, Hermjakob H.
Proteomics Volume 9 (2009) p.4429-4432

Infrastructure for the life sciences: design and implementation of the UniProt website.
Jain E, Bairoch A, Duvaud S, Phan I, Redaschi N, Suzek BE, Martin MJ, McGarvey P, Gasteiger E.
BMC bioinformatics Volume 10 (2009) p.136

PDBsum new things.
Laskowski RA.
Nucleic acids research Volume 37 (2009) p.D355-9

Importing ArrayExpress datasets into R/Bioconductor.
Kauffmann A, Rayner TF, Parkinson H, Kapushesky M, Lukk M, Brazma A, Huber W.
Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) Volume 25 (2009) p.2092-2094

PRIDE Converter: making proteomics data-sharing easy.
Barsnes H, Vizcaíno JA, Eidhammer I, Martens L.
Nature biotechnology Volume 27 (2009) p.598-599

Gene expression analysis of the biocontrol fungus Trichoderma harzianum in the presence of tomato plants, chitin, or glucose using a high-density oligonucleotide microarray.
Samolski I, de Luis A, Vizcaíno JA, Monte E, Suárez MB.
BMC microbiology Volume 9 (2009) p.217

Ensembl 2009.
Hubbard TJ, Aken BL, Ayling S, Ballester B, Beal K, Bragin E, Brent S, Chen Y, Clapham P, Clarke L, Coates G, Fairley S, Fitzgerald S, Fernandez-Banet J, Gordon L, Graf S, Haider S, Hammond M, Holland R, Howe K, Jenkinson A, Johnson N, Kahari A, Keefe D, Keenan S, Kinsella R, Kokocinski F, Kulesha E, Lawson D, Longden I, Megy K, Meidl P, Overduin B, Parker A, Pritchard B, Rios D, Schuster M, Slater G, Smedley D, Spooner W, Spudich G, Trevanion S, Vilella A, Vogel J, White S, Wilder S, Zadissa A, Birney E, Cunningham F, Curwen V, Durbin R, Fernandez-Suarez XM, Herrero J, Kasprzyk A, Proctor G, Smith J, Searle S, Flicek P.
Nucleic acids research Volume 37 (2009) p.D690-7

MAGETabulator, a suite of tools to support the microarray data format MAGE-TAB.
Rayner TF, Rezwan FI, Lukk M, Bradley XZ, Farne A, Holloway E, Malone J, Williams E, Parkinson H.
Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) Volume 25 (2009) p.279-280

Petabyte-scale innovations at the European Nucleotide Archive.
Cochrane G, Akhtar R, Bonfield J, Bower L, Demiralp F, Faruque N, Gibson R, Hoad G, Hubbard T, Hunter C, Jang M, Juhos S, Leinonen R, Leonard S, Lin Q, Lopez R, Lorenc D, McWilliam H, Mukherjee G, Plaister S, Radhakrishnan R, Robinson S, Sobhany S, Hoopen PT, Vaughan R, Zalunin V, Birney E.
Nucleic acids research Volume 37 (2009) p.D19-25

Biophysical annotation and representation of CellML models.
Wimalaratne SM, Halstead MD, Lloyd CM, Crampin EJ, Nielsen PF.
Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) Volume 25 (2009) p.2263-2270

Ribosomal protein S6 kinase 1 signaling regulates mammalian life span.
Selman C, Tullet JM, Wieser D, Irvine E, Lingard SJ, Choudhury AI, Claret M, Al-Qassab H, Carmignac D, Ramadani F, Woods A, Robinson IC, Schuster E, Batterham RL, Kozma SC, Thomas G, Carling D, Okkenhaug K, Thornton JM, Partridge L, Gems D, Withers DJ.
Science (New York, N.Y.) Volume 326 (2009) p.140-144

Approaching clinical proteomics: current state and future fields of application in cellular proteomics.
Apweiler R, Aslanidis C, Deufel T, Gerstner A, Hansen J, Hochstrasser D, Kellner R, Kubicek M, Lottspeich F, Maser E, Mewes HW, Meyer HE, Müllner S, Mutter W, Neumaier M, Nollau P, Nothwang HG, Ponten F, Radbruch A, Reinert K, Rothe G, Stockinger H, Tárnok A, Taussig MJ, Thiel A, Thiery J, Ueffing M, Valet G, Vandekerckhove J, Wagener C, Wagner O, Schmitz G.
Cytometry. Part A : the journal of the International Society for Analytical Cytology Volume 75 (2009) p.816-832

Small Molecule Subgraph Detector (SMSD) toolkit.
Rahman SA, Bashton M, Holliday GL, Schrader R, Thornton JM.
Journal of Cheminformatics Volume 1 (2009) p.12

Proteomics Data Collection - 5th ProDaC Workshop: 4 March 2009, Kolympari, Crete, Greece.
Eisenacher M, Martens L, Barsnes H, Hardt T, Kohl M, Häkkinen J, Apweiler R, Meyer HE, Stephan C.
Proteomics Volume 9 (2009) p.3626-3629

A chemogenomics view on protein-ligand spaces.
Strömbergsson H, Kleywegt GJ.
BMC bioinformatics Volume 10 Suppl 6 (2009) p.S13

The Gene Ontology's Reference Genome Project: a unified framework for functional annotation across species.
Reference Genome Group of the Gene Ontology Consortium.
PLoS computational biology Volume 5 (2009) p.e1000431

Update of the Diatom EST Database: a new tool for digital transcriptomics.
Maheswari U, Mock T, Armbrust EV, Bowler C.
Nucleic Acids Research Volume 37 (2009) p.D1001-5

InterPro: the integrative protein signature database.
Hunter S, Apweiler R, Attwood TK, Bairoch A, Bateman A, Binns D, Bork P, Das U, Daugherty L, Duquenne L, Finn RD, Gough J, Haft D, Hulo N, Kahn D, Kelly E, Laugraud A, Letunic I, Lonsdale D, Lopez R, Madera M, Maslen J, McAnulla C, McDowall J, Mistry J, Mitchell A, Mulder N, Natale D, Orengo C, Quinn AF, Selengut JD, Sigrist CJ, Thimma M, Thomas PD, Valentin F, Wilson D, Wu CH, Yeats C.
Nucleic acids research Volume 37 (2009) p.D211-5

Zebrafish miR-1 and miR-133 shape muscle gene expression and regulate sarcomeric actin organization.
Mishima Y, Abreu-Goodger C, Staton AA, Stahlhut C, Shou C, Cheng C, Gerstein M, Enright AJ, Giraldez AJ.
Genes & development Volume 23 (2009) p.619-632

Getting a grip on proteomics data - Proteomics Data Collection (ProDaC).
Eisenacher M, Martens L, Hardt T, Kohl M, Barsnes H, Helsens K, Häkkinen J, Levander F, Aebersold R, Vandekerckhove J, Dunn MJ, Lisacek F, Siepen JA, Hubbard SJ, Binz PA, Blüggel M, Thiele H, Cottrell J, Meyer HE, Apweiler R, Stephan C.
Proteomics Volume 9 (2009) p.3928-3933

Probabilistic retrieval and visualization of biologically relevant microarray experiments.
Caldas J, Gehlenborg N, Faisal A, Brazma A, Kaski S.
Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) Volume 25 (2009) p.i145-53

An ENU-induced mutation of miR-96 associated with progressive hearing loss in mice.
Lewis MA, Quint E, Glazier AM, Fuchs H, De Angelis MH, Langford C, van Dongen S, Abreu-Goodger C, Piipari M, Redshaw N, Dalmay T, Moreno-Pelayo MA, Enright AJ, Steel KP.
Nature genetics Volume 41 (2009) p.614-618

Network visualization and analysis of gene expression data using BioLayout Express(3D).
Theocharidis A, van Dongen S, Enright AJ, Freeman TC.
Nature protocols Volume 4 (2009) p.1535-1550

The Systems Biology Graphical Notation.
Le Novère N, Hucka M, Mi H, Moodie S, Schreiber F, Sorokin A, Demir E, Wegner K, Aladjem MI, Wimalaratne SM, Bergman FT, Gauges R, Ghazal P, Kawaji H, Li L, Matsuoka Y, Villéger A, Boyd SE, Calzone L, Courtot M, Dogrusoz U, Freeman TC, Funahashi A, Ghosh S, Jouraku A, Kim S, Kolpakov F, Luna A, Sahle S, Schmidt E, Watterson S, Wu G, Goryanin I, Kell DB, Sander C, Sauro H, Snoep JL, Kohn K, Kitano H.
Nature biotechnology Volume 27 (2009) p.735-741

Haplotype-based search for SNPs associated with differential type 1 diabetes risk among chromosomes carrying a specific HLA DRB1-DQA1-DQB1 haplotype.
McGinnis R, McLaren W, Ranganath V, Whittaker P, Hunt S, Deloukas P, Type 1 Diabetes Genetics Consortium.
Diabetes, obesity & metabolism Volume 11 Suppl 1 (2009) p.8-16

Novel genes in cell cycle control and lipid metabolism with dynamically regulated binding sites for sterol regulatory element-binding protein 1 and RNA polymerase II in HepG2 cells detected by chromatin immunoprecipitation with microarray detection.
Motallebipour M, Enroth S, Punga T, Ameur A, Koch C, Dunham I, Komorowski J, Ericsson J, Wadelius C.
The FEBS journal Volume 276 (2009) p.1878-1890

Comparison of novel decoy database designs for optimizing protein identification searches using ABRF sPRG2006 standard MS/MS data sets.
Blanco L, Mead JA, Bessant C.
Journal of proteome research Volume 8 (2009) p.1782-1791

Large scale association analysis of novel genetic loci for coronary artery disease.
Coronary Artery Disease Consortium, Samani NJ, Deloukas P, Erdmann J, Hengstenberg C, Kuulasmaa K, McGinnis R, Schunkert H, Soranzo N, Thompson J, Tiret L, Ziegler A.
Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology Volume 29 (2009) p.774-780

On vital aid: the why, what and how of validation.
Kleywegt GJ.
Acta crystallographica. Section D, Biological crystallography Volume 65 (2009) p.134-139

Report on EU-USA workshop: how systems biology can advance cancer research (27 October 2008).
Aebersold R, Auffray C, Baney E, Barillot E, Brazma A, Brett C, Brunak S, Butte A, Califano A, Celis J, Cufer T, Ferrell J, Galas D, Gallahan D, Gatenby R, Goldbeter A, Hace N, Henney A, Hood L, Iyengar R, Jackson V, Kallioniemi O, Klingmüller U, Kolar P, Kolch W, Kyriakopoulou C, Laplace F, Lehrach H, Marcus F, Matrisian L, Nolan G, Pelkmans L, Potti A, Sander C, Seljak M, Singer D, Sorger P, Stunnenberg H, Superti-Furga G, Uhlen M, Vidal M, Weinstein J, Wigle D, Williams M, Wolkenhauer O, Zhivotovsky B, Zinovyev A, Zupan B.
Molecular oncology Volume 3 (2009) p.9-17

Genes encoding novel secreted and transmembrane proteins are temporally and spatially regulated during Drosophila melanogaster embryogenesis.
Zúñiga A, Hödar C, Hanna P, Ibáñez F, Moreno P, Pulgar R, Pastenes L, González M, Cambiazo V.
BMC biology Volume 7 (2009) p.61

Case-controlled structure validation.
Read RJ, Kleywegt GJ.
Acta crystallographica. Section D, Biological crystallography Volume 65 (2009) p.140-147

HUPO World Congress Publication Committee meeting. August 2008, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Orchard S, Ping P.
Proteomics Volume 9 (2009) p.502-503

Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment (MIAME)--successes, failures, challenges.
Brazma A.
The Scientific World Journal Volume 9 (2009) p.420-423

Know your limits: assumptions, constraints and interpretation in systems biology.
Ilsley GR, Luscombe NM, Apweiler R.
Biochimica et biophysica acta Volume 1794 (2009) p.1280-1287

Genome watch: What a scorcher!
Cerdeño-Tárraga AM.
Nature reviews. Microbiology Volume 7 (2009) p.408-409

The structural basis of allosteric regulation in proteins.
Laskowski RA, Gerick F, Thornton JM.
FEBS letters Volume 583 (2009) p.1692-1698

MRMaid, the web-based tool for designing multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) transitions.
Mead JA, Bianco L, Ottone V, Barton C, Kay RG, Lilley KS, Bond NJ, Bessant C.
Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP Volume 8 (2009) p.696-705

In silico identification of genes in bacteriophage DNA.
Kropinski AM, Borodovsky M, Carver TJ, Cerdeño-Tárraga AM, Darling A, Lomsadze A, Mahadevan P, Stothard P, Seto D, Van Domselaar G, Wishart DS.
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) Volume 502 (2009) p.57-89

Genome and proteome annotation: organization, interpretation and integration.
Reeves GA, Talavera D, Thornton JM.
Journal of the Royal Society, Interface Volume 6 (2009) p.129-147

Recent developments in public proteomic MS repositories and pipelines.
Mead JA, Bianco L, Bessant C.
Proteomics Volume 9 (2009) p.861-881

Pindel: a pattern growth approach to detect break points of large deletions and medium sized insertions from paired-end short reads.
Ye K, Schulz MH, Long Q, Apweiler R, Ning Z.
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