Predoc training

Primers for Predocs

This course is aimed to provide an orientation for new predocs to EMBL-EBI. Databases, services and research groups will be introduced, along with other useful information for starting out at EBI.

Venue: Online
Date: Monday 17 January - Wednesday 19 January 2022
Organiser: Alex Holinski, EMBL-EBI
Admin support: Anna Alasalmi, EMBL-EBI
Participation: By invitation


Newly arrived EMBL-EBI predocs and WTSI PhD students who require an introduction to the database resources and bioinformatics services offered by the EBI.

Learning Outcomes

During this course you will learn about:

  • EMBL-EBI resources
  • Methods for access, analysis and visualisation of data
  • Important things to know as a predoc


The preliminary programme is available to download. Full course handbook will be shared with the participants in due course.