Fellowship opportunities

Opportunities in the Iqbal group at EMBL-EBI

Postdoctoral fellows

We are looking for highly motivated, enthusiastic postdocs. If you are interested in developing computational methods for graph genomes, succinct data structures, prediction of antimicrobial resistance from genome sequence or nanopore sequencing, or if you are a microbial genomicist, feel free to get in touch.

EMBL interdisciplinary fellowships: EI3PODs

Our group is participating in the 2017 EI3POD call for fellowship applications. The EI3POD programme offers an opportunity for fellows to carry out interdisiplinary research in the context of inter-institutional or inter-sectorial collaborations. In this round, we would like to highlight our collaborations with the following groups and topics:

If you would like to pursue an EI3POD fellowship, contact me to discuss your research project proposal.

Combined experimental/computational fellowships: ESPODs

Our group is recruiting postdoctoral fellows through the joint EMBL-EBI/Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute ESPOD programme. ESPOD fellowships are for researchers who take both an experimental and computational approach to their work.

Other postdoctoral opportunities

If you are interested in joining our group, please send me an email with a letter of motivation and your CV. There are several fellowship schemes available through EMBL and EMBL-EBI.

Graduate/PhD students

Our group will be recruiting PhD students in the 2017 summer round. Backgrounds in any of maths, science, computer science, engineering are welcome. Experience in programming desirable but not a requirement. The PhD students currently in our group have degrees in maths, biology and physics. Projects could cover any of algorithms/data structures for study of genetic variation, nanopore sequencing, TB diagnostics, antibiotic resistance, bacterial genomics. 

Please apply through the EMBL International PhD programme