Fellowship opportunities

Interdisciplinary postdocs: The EI3POD programme

Our group is participating in the 2018 EI3POD call for fellowship applications. The EI3POD programme offers an opportunity for fellows to carry out interdisiplinary research in the context of inter-institutional or inter-sectorial collaborations. In this round, we would like to highlight our collaborations with the following groups and topics:

If you would like to pursue an EI3POD fellowship, contact me to discuss your research project proposal.

To apply please submit a research proposal and CV, with two referees, through our online system. 

Apply online

Other fellowship opportunitites

Currently there are no specific open calls in our group. However, if you are interested in joing the group it is still worth checking in with the PI to inquire for  open positions, which may not be openly advertised yet.

We also support individuals who would like to apply through schemes such as EMBO, HFSP, or Marie Curie. Please contact me if you are interested in doing a postdoc with our group.