The Brazma research group is embedded in the Functional Genomics service team, which develops the following resources:


The ArrayExpress Archive is a database of functional genomics experiments including gene expression where you can query and download data collected to MIAME and MINSEQE standards. ArrayExpress is one of three internatinoal repositories recommended by many journals for holding microarray or RNAseq functional genomics data supporting publications.

EBI BioSamples Database

The EBI's BioSamples Database is designed to hold information about biological samples, particularly samples referenced from other EBI databases. A well curated set of 'reference samples' are exchanged with NCBI and consist of biological samples that are often reused in experiments. Samples in this database can be referenced by accession numbers from data submissions to other EBI resources.

Expression Atlas

The Expression Atlas is an added-value database based on the reanalysis of gene expression data from EBI resources such as ArrayExpress. It shows you which genes are expressed under different conditions, and how expression differs between conditions. The Expression Atlas currently holds RNA expression data from microarray or RNAseq experiments, and future development will include protein and metabolite expression data.