ChEMBL documentation

The ChEMBL RDF model uses a basic internal ontology, referred to as the ChEMBL Core Ontology (CCO), to identify all of the primary entities (e.g., Documents, Assays, Substances, Targets) in the ChEMBL database, please refer to the schema diagram below for more details or download the latest version of the CCO ontology here. Effort has also been made to identify and utilise as many relevant external ontologies as possible. Ontologies currently used in the ChEMBL-RDF include BioAssay Ontology (BAO), ChEBI Ontology, Chemical Infomation Ontology (CHEMINF), Bibliographic Ontology, Unit Ontology (UO), QUDT Ontology and the Semantic Science Ontology (SIO). The diagram below provides an overview of the CCO data model, used to represent the ChEMBL database as RDF:


A more detailed view of the ChEMBL RDF schema is provided in the following image: chembl_18_rdf_full_schema.png