About the project

Access EMBL-EBI data using semantic web technologies

EMBL-EBI's RDF platform provides access to our data using Semantic Web technologies, as well as documentation and examples to help users get started. Our goal is to make the molecular data at EMBL-EBI more discoverable to scientists, and to offer new ways of using them in your research.

Who will use the RDF platform?

These RDF services are for researchers who would like to access public molecular data programmatically. These might be, for example, software developers or technically minded bioinformaticians whose research questions require the integration of a wide variety of data.

Who is working on it?

The RDF platform involves the efforts of many service teams at EMBL-EBI. Each team is responsible for creating an RDF export from their respective database. The RDF-platform itself is run by the SPOT Team, so we are responsibly for the website, the import of RDF data into our datastore and the SPARQL endpoint with its Linked Data Browser called LodeStar.

What does the RDF platform provide?

The platform provides a set of stable services that make it possible for researchers to:

  • identify which datasets are available as Linked Data;
  • explore how these datasets are structured;
  • download RDF datasets in bulk, for local processing;
  • download RDF representations of specific data items, for remote access;
  • query the data remotely using SPARQL queries.

What is the project lifecycle?

The RDF platform was created in 2013 as a pilot project. The aim was to investigate the use of Linked Data for EBI databases. As part of the project RDF dataexports in cooperation with these teams were created and the RDF-platform as landing page for EBI's semantic data was set up.

In 2016 the EBI decided to fund the RDF platform internally to take the next step after a successful pilot project. As outcome of this second phase EBI's SPOT Team took resposibility of the platform. The goal is to learn from the experiences of the pilotproject and improve the platform and internal processes accordingly while adding new features to the platform.

News and Feedback

News about the RDF-platform will be posted on the front page. Your feedback is always welcome, please send any questions or comments to rdf-req[at]ebi.ac.uk


The RDF platform pilot was being supported by a number of projects including member states of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory; European Commission: BioMedBridges [284209], Diachron [601043], OpenPhacts and US National Institutes of Health funded National Center for Biomedical Ontology driving biological project programme.

The efforts in 2016/2017 to update the platform are funded internally by the EBI.

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