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Trypanosoma brucei SURFEOME: a validated surface proteome of the host-parasite interface
Species: Trypanosoma brucei
Project description: human parasite Trypanosoma brucei. This surface proteome contains previously known flagellar pocket (More)
Made public: 2015-06-15
Proteomic analysis of mouse podocytes
Species: Mus musculus (Mouse)
Project description: intensities from the human protein atlas was performed to estimate similiarities between the cultured and (More)
Made public: 2016-07-04
Terminal alkynes react with active-site cysteine nucleophiles
Species: Mus musculus (Mouse)
Project description: (10 bands) against a concatenated target-decoy database containing the human sequences in the Uniprot (More)
Made public: 2013-08-14
Peatland Soil Community Proteomics
Species: unidentified soil organism
Project description: , Protein sequences from NCBI taxonomy ID 4565) and (iii) with the common contaminants trypsin and human (More)
Made public: 2014-02-03
Shotgun ecotoxicoproteomics of Daphnia pulex: biochemical effects of the anticancer drug tamoxifen
Species: Daphnia pulex (Water flea)
Project description: Among pollutants released into the environment by human activities, residues of pharmaceutical (More)
Made public: 2014-10-31
Mapping the Triticum aestivum proteome
Species: Triticum aestivum (Wheat)
Project description: Wheat is the staple food of over 35% of the world’s population, accounts for 20% of all human (More)
Made public: 2016-11-17
Quantitative liver proteomics identifies FGF19 targets that couple metabolism and proliferation
Species: Mus musculus (Mouse)
Project description: with human FGF19 (1 mg/kg body weight) or vehicle. Liver protein extracts (containing 'light' lysine (More)
Made public: 2017-02-15
HLA B-27 rats peptidome
Species: Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
Project description: potential interest in AS pathogenesis, previously identified in human cell lines, were isolated. However (More)
Made public: 2017-02-13
The effect of oxygen on bile resistance in L. monocytogenes
Species: Listeria monocytogenes
Project description: studies have focused mainly on aerobic conditions; however the human GI tract is an environment ranging (More)
Made public: 2017-05-03
The nuclear proteome of Trypanosoma brucei
Species: Trypanosoma brucei
Project description: bloodstream. The parasite has a huge impact on human health both directly by causing African sleeping sickness (More)
Made public: 2017-07-31

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Showing 21 - 30 of 1992 results