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Small cell lung cancer cell line panel whole proteome analysis


We conducted a whole proteome analysis of a panel of human small cell lung cancer cell lines that were either sensitive, moderately sensitive, or insensitive to SQLE inhibition to try and identify proteome signatures of sensititivy

Sample Processing Protocol

8M urea lysis, Lys-C and Trypsin digestion, isobaric tag labelling (TMT), and LC-MSMS analysis on a Thermo Fusion Tribrid instrument

Data Processing Protocol

Analysis was conducted using Proteome Discoverer 2.1 using the Uniprot human reference proteome, SEQUEST, and Percolator algorithm for false discovery rate analysis. All unique peptides were used for protein quantitation


Sebastian Hayes, Agios Pharmaceuticals
Sebastian Hayes, Agios Pharmaceuticals 88 Sidney Street Cambridge MA 02139 USA ( lab head )

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    Mahoney CE, Pirman D, Chubukov V, Sleger T, Hayes S, Fan ZP, Allen EL, Chen Y, Huang L, Liu M, Zhang Y, McDonald G, Narayanaswamy R, Choe S, Chen Y, Gross S, Cianchetta G, Padyana AK, Murray S, Liu W, Marks KM, Murtie J, Dorsch M, Jin S, Nagaraja N, Biller SA, Roddy T, Popovici-Muller J, Smolen GA. A chemical biology screen identifies a vulnerability of neuroendocrine cancer cells to SQLE inhibition. Nat Commun. 2019 10(1):96 PubMed: 30626880