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Control (Col-0) for TGNap1 proteomic analysis


Control (Col-0) related to TGNap1 coimmunoprecipitation analysis

Sample Processing Protocol

Protein pull down performed using the Dynabeads Protein A immunoprecipitation kit

Data Processing Protocol

the mascot output was analyzed using Scaffold v4.7.3


Luciana Renna, Michigan State University
Federica Brandizzi, Michigan State University, Plant Research Laboratory ( lab head )

Submission Date


Publication Date



    Renna L, Stefano G, Slabaugh E, Wormsbaecher C, Sulpizio A, Zienkiewicz K, Brandizzi F. TGNap1 is required for microtubule-dependent homeostasis of a subpopulation of the plant trans-Golgi network. Nat Commun. 2018 9(1):5313 PubMed: 30552321


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# Accession Title Proteins Peptides Unique Peptides Spectra Identified Spectra View in Reactome
1 100598 tempfile (Col0_F012356).mzid 168 614 364 429 0