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Crosslinked chromatin bound protein complexes were immunopurified, digested, and analyzed by mass spectrometry to identify and quantify proteins associate with the chromodomain helicase (Chd1).

Sample Processing Protocol

Samples were processed using the RIME method (PMID:26797456). Samples were formaldehyde cross-linked prior to immunoprecipitation and on-bead digestion. Desalted peptides were analyzed by LC-MS/MS on an Orbitrap Fusion Mass Spectrometer.

Data Processing Protocol

Peptide spectra were searched with SEQUEST against a concatenated database containing all human proteins and the reversed sequences. Peptides were filtered to 1% FDR using the target-decoy approach. Label-free area under the curve quantification was performed to assess protein levels relative to controls.


Noah Dephoure, Weill Cornell Medical College Department of Biochemistry
Noah Dephoure, Weill Cornell Medical College ( lab head )

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    Augello MA, Liu D, Deonarine LD, Robinson BD, Huang D, Stelloo S, Blattner M, Doane AS, Wong EWP, Chen Y, Rubin MA, Beltran H, Elemento O, Bergman AM, Zwart W, Sboner A, Dephoure N, Barbieri CE. CHD1 Loss Alters AR Binding at Lineage-Specific Enhancers and Modulates Distinct Transcriptional Programs to Drive Prostate Tumorigenesis. Cancer Cell. 2019 35(4):603-617.e8 PubMed: 30930119