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Proteomic Analysis of Hypoxic Human Lung Epithelial Cells


H441 cell proteome was sequenced via SILAC and LC-MS/MS method to identify hypoxia-responsive proteins

Sample Processing Protocol

Protein were isolated from normoxic or hypoxic cells followed by FASP digestion. Digested peptides were mixed in equal ratios.

Data Processing Protocol

MS/MS spectra were extracted, and raw files were searched against the most current Homo sapiens protein sequence database from UniprotKB using Maxquant (version and Mascot Distiller (version for quantification of labeled proteins.


Jaymin Kathiriya, Univesity of South Florida
Vrushank Dave, Department of Pathology and Cell Biology Morsani College of Medicine University of South Florida ( lab head )

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Experiment Type

Shotgun proteomics

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    Kathiriya JJ, Nakra N, Nixon J, Patel PS, Vaghasiya V, Alhassani A, Tian Z, Allen-Gipson D, Davé V. Galectin-1 inhibition attenuates profibrotic signaling in hypoxia-induced pulmonary fibrosis. Cell Death Discov. 2017 Apr 10;3:17010. eCollection 2017 PubMed: 28417017


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# Accession Title Proteins Peptides Unique Peptides Spectra Identified Spectra View in Reactome
1 69996 Rep 1 from SILAC Jaymin_ 20141108_H1(heavy)+N1(light)_1 and 14 more.mzid 16086 223749 25937 77545 0
2 69995 Rep 2 from SILAC Jaymin_ 20141108_H1(heavy)+N1(light)_1 and 14 more.mzid 15865 231379 24400 79016 0
3 69997 Rep 3 from SILAC Jaymin_ 20141108_H1(heavy)+N1(light)_1 and 14 more.mzid 15240 228667 23788 78496 0