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Network organization of the human exosomes


Exosomes, nano-sized bilayered proteolipids, play multiple roles in intercellular communication. Although many exosomal proteins have been identified, their functional interrelationships and the mechanisms of exosome biogenesis remain unknown. By interrogating proteomic data using systems approaches, we have created a human exosome network, which comprises 1491 interactions between 957 exosomal proteins. Moreover, physically and functionally interconnected protein complexes form functional modules involved in exosome biogenesis and functions. Specifically, we discovered that SRC signaling plays a major role in exosome biogenesis, and confirmed that inhibition of SRC kinase decreased the intracellular biogenesis and cell surface release of exosomes. Our study provides global insights into the cargo-sorting, biogenesis, and pathophysiological roles of these complex extracellular organelles.

Sample Processing Protocol

See details in reference(s) : 22149170

Data Processing Protocol

See details in reference(s) : 22149170


Yong Song Gho, Department of Life Science

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Bottom-up proteomics

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    Choi DS, Yang JS, Choi EJ, Jang SC, Park S, Kim OY, Hwang D, Kim KP, Kim YK, Kim S, Gho YS; The protein interaction network of extracellular vesicles derived from human colorectal cancer cells., J Proteome Res, 2012 Feb 3, 11, 2, 1144-51, PubMed: 22149170


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1 16880 Network organization of the human exosomes 1324 24889 6136 490877 21397