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Protein Count Peptide Count Unique Peptide Count Total Spectrum Count Identified Spectrum Count
252 844 224 3130 294



Human plasma dataset, Tao-PlasNNC-22_15Oct04_pegasus_0804-4

Short Label

Human plasma

Experimental Factor

Not available


Dr. Matthew E. Monroe, The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA




Not available


Model Source Analyzer Detector
Thermo Finnigan unknown Electrospray Ionization
Original mzXML instrument ionisation description : ESI
Ion Trap
Original mzXML instrument analyzer description : ITMS
Electron Multiplier Tube
Original mzXML instrument detector description : unknown

Additional Details

Name Value
Project HUPO Plasma Proteome Project 2 (ProteomExchange)
Project secondary name Normal human EDTA-plasma after extensive depletion
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