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Vivaldi: Visualisation, analysis and validation of NMR entries
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Vivaldi is a web-based service for the analysis, visualization, and validation of NMR structures in the Protein Data Bank (PDB). Vivaldi provides access to model coordinates and several types of experimental NMR data using interactive visualization tools, augmented with structural annotations and model-validation information.


Hendrickx PMS, et al. Vivaldi: visualisation and validation of biomacromolecular NMR structures from the PDB (2013) Proteins 81(4):583-591

Visualise PDB entry: Default View Wizard View (Try "2k4v" as an example)


  • Homogeneity of the NMR ensemble
  • Structure quality validation
  • Chemical shift validation
  • Distance restraint validation
  • Residual dipolar coupling (RDC) validation
  • Dihedral angle restraint validation
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