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NEW Protein Pages 21 Mar 2019

PDBe entry pages traditionally focus on single PDB entries, with limited information on entries that are related to the same macromolecule. The PDBe-KB team is proud to present a new type of entry page, that focuses on full length proteins instead of single PDB entries. Currently, you can use PDB or UniProt identifiers of proteins to display all the related PDB data, from the list of all the available PDB entries, to functional annotations of ligand binding sites, macromolecular interaction interfaces, and related publications.

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Here are some examples from the beta version of the protein pages:

Calpain and Calpastatin proteins (PDB 3BOW): https://pdbekb.org/proteins/3bow
CREB-binding protein (UniProt Q92793): https://pdbekb.org/proteins/Q92793
Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase 2A (UniProt Q03164): https://pdbekb.org/proteins/Q03164
Mediator of DNA damage checkpoint protein 1 (UniProt Q14676): https://pdbekb.org/proteins/Q14676

You can try it out with your protein of interest by typing a PDB or UniProt identifier below: