Overview FAQs


Contact us for support, feedback or to report any issues.

  • How can I integrate the PDB Component Library in my application?

    It takes only three simple steps to integrate the PDB Component Library into a web application. Check the getting started guide for complete details.

  • What external dependencies do I need to include for the Component Library ?

    Following external dependencies should be included in order to install the Component Library :
    • AngularJs : version 1.x (1.4.x preffered)
    • d3.js : verson 4.x
  • Do I need to write an AngularJs application in order to use the components?

    No. The components can be used in both AngularJs and non-AngularJs applications.

  • How can I add components in my webpage?

    Once you install the Component Library you can add any component to your webpage in the same way as you add html elements. Below are the three different ways you can use the elements :

    1) As element
    <pdb-lite-mol pdb-id="'1cbs'"></pdb-lite-mol>
    2) As class
    <div class="pdb-lite-mol" pdb-id="'1cbs'"></div>
    3) As attribute
    <div pdb-lite-mol pdb-id="'1cbs'"></div>

    You can use additional attributes to customise the component. Please refer the documentation for details about the available attributes / parameters.

  • How can I subscribe to the component events?

    You can subscribe to the components events as you subscribe to any other normal javascript event:

    document.addEventListner('PDB.topologyViewer.click', function(e){ //do something on event })

    Refer the documentation for details about the available events.

  • Can I contribute my Components to the Library?

    Yes, you can contribute your component to the PDB Component Library. Please contact us for more details. You can check out the current contributors here.

  • How do I subscribe to the mailing list?

    Send e-mail to pdb-component-library@ebi.ac.uk. This is a useful channel for us to communicate actively with you about new features, changes, planned downtime, etc.