Community driven enrichment of PDB data with structural and functional annotations

What is FunPDBe

FunPDBe is an integrated and accessible resource of structural and functional annotations for macromolecular structure data in the Protein Data Bank (PDB). It is a collaboration between the Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe) and world-leading providers of structural bioinformatics data.

The goal of the initiative

The project promotes interoperability, comparative analysis and exchange of structural and functional annotations by implementing common data standards and infrastructure to collect these enhanced annotations. The project aims to significantly increase the impact of structural data globally by implementing a central sustainable data resource and a uniform data access mechanism (via FTP and REST API) for distribution of these valuable functional and structural annotations, developed by researchers. The data is to be made accessible via web interface by developing re-usable web components.

How to deposit data

New, potential partner resources have to be registered under the Register tab of this website. Once the resource is approved by PDBe admins, depositors will be provided with credentials to use the deposition client. For more information on the deposition client, please visit the GitLab repository of the client.

Participating resources

14-3-3-Pred Geoff Barton group
3DLigandSite Mark Wass group
AKID Manuela Helmer Citterich group
canSAR Bissan Al-Lazakani group
CATH-FunSites Christine Orengo group
COSPI-Depth M.S. Madhusudhan group
CREDO Tom Blundell group
DynaMine Wim Vranken group
MetalPDB Claudia Andreini, Antonio Rosato group
NoD Geoff Barton group
POPSCOMP Prof. Franca Fraternali group
ProKinO Natarajan Kannan group