Featured structures

01 Feb 2019Batick of a membrane protein in the membrane Detecting Pain

The poor diet and minimal exercise of a desk-bound bioinformatician has finally caught up. A rare bit of exercise brings on sharp pains in the chest, the sure sign of a blocked artery and ischemic heart disease. The image from our 2019 calendar for February illustrates one of the proteins via which your brain senses that pain.

01 Jan 2019Painting of two people looking at each other, with protein behind them Connection

The new PDBe calendar for 2019 starts with an image representing the connection and communication between nerve cells mediated by the AMPA-type glutamate receptor.

01 Dec 2018viruses on a  swirly background Waves of Trouble

The image for December in our 2018 calendar depicts Hepatitis A virus and a common route of human infection with the virus, shellfish from polluted water.

01 Nov 2018Nerve and muscle cells, and acetylcholine Signalling in motion

The image in PDBe’s 2018 calendar for November shows nerves and muscle tissue, and the molecule which we use to send signals between them.

01 Oct 2018 Bordetella pertussis phage The enemies of our enemies

The image in our calendar for October shows a virus which can kill a bacterium. A bacterium that is responsible a disease which affects over 15 million people each year. What can we learn from viruses that attack our own attackers?


01 Sep 2018Lysenin pore structure depicted as artwork in the PDB art project Opening up a Wormhole

The image for September in our 2018 calendar depicts Lysenin, a molecular hole punch produced by garden earthworms.

01 Aug 2018Batik of bacteria and tetracycline Understanding Antibiotics

Our calendar image for August focuses not on a protein, but on one of the thousands of small molecules in the Protein Data Bank. This particular molecule is vital in our continuing fight against infection and has a long forgotten history.

01 Jul 2018 Typhoid Mary and the Indestructible Bacterium

The image for July in our 2018 calendar depicts an RNA binding protein used by Salmonella bacteria as a tool to cause disease, including typhoid, in humans.

01 Jun 2018Artwork featuring dengue virus in bright colours Dengue Virus: A Trojan Horse of the Molecular World

The image for June in our 2018 calendar depicts the Dengue Virus (DENV). This virus is responsible for dengue fever, a disease found in low-income populations within tropical areas within Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

01 May 2018May featured structure artwork - actin-myosin filaments Stop motion: The muscular system

The image for May in our 2018 calendar captures a molecular snapshot of one of our primary groups of organs – the muscular system. Here we discuss the individual molecules responsible for the large motions of these muscles.