Featured structures

01 Oct 2020Artwork by Imogen Phillips (Stephen Perse Foundation) Depression and neurotransmitters

Depression, a common mental disorder

 While a depressed mood is a normal temporary reaction to life events, a symptom of some physical diseases, or sometimes a side effect of some drugs and medical treatments, depression is a common mental disorder characterized by a persistent sadness and lack of interest in previously enjoyable activities. According to the World Health Organization, depression is a leading cause of disability around the world, and its effects can be long-lasting, dramatically affecting a person’s ability to live a rewarding life.

01 Sep 2020Artworks from the PDBe 2020 calendar depicting haemoglobin and red blood cells The blood protein

The images for September in our 2020 PDBe calendar are inspired by a protein that flows through our veins and arteries, transporting the the most vital molecule we need to survive and thrive.



01 Aug 2020Sculpture and batik of the process of protein synthesis on the ribosome The protein factory

The artwork for August in our 2020 PDBe calendar is inspired by the cell’s protein making machines called ribosomes. Ribosomes are highly complex and crucial structures in the cell that fulfil the vital role of protein synthesis.

The cell’s protein factory

01 Jul 2020PDB Art calendar artwork for July - DMRT1 Sex differentiation: more than XX or XY

The artwork for July in our PDBe 2020 calendar is inspired by a protein that’s vital for the determination of sex in mammals. One small interaction between this protein and DNA can determine whether an embryo develops as male or female.


01 Jun 2020Artwork depicting Luciferase enzyme that creates light in fireflies Shine On

June’s artwork represents the structure of the key enzyme in bioluminescence and brings light into our 2020 calendar.


01 May 2020PDBe calendar 2020 May Protein folding: Origami with Jellyfish


The featured structure for May in the PDBe calendar draws inspiration from the protein prefoldin, a chaperone protein that helps other proteins to fold correctly. 

Protein folding is a fundamental concept to the field of structural biology, describing the morphological journey nascent proteins take en route to their mature three-dimensional form.

01 Apr 2020Vision - artwork displaying eyes and the rhodopsin protein Visual purple

The protein which inspired the image for April in our 2020 calendar is rhodopsin, the primary photoreceptor molecule in vision. Rhodopsin is a light-sensitive G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) containing a light-absorbing chromophore, retinal. On exposure to light, rhodopsin undergoes conformational changes, initiating a signal transduction cascade.

01 Mar 2020Beauty and pain - artwork displaying flowers and bee venom protein Small creatures with a big impact

This month, our 2020 calendar is taking us on an exploration of the composition of bee venom and its promising application in medicine.

01 Feb 2020 Mighty little finger

The February image in our 2020 calendar presents an artwork exploring the link between DNA and its interaction with a Zinc finger protein.

01 Jan 2020Toxins artwork from PDB Art project From toxin to remedy

The first artwork in our 2020 calendar is a stunning combination of venomous beasts and protein structures. We are tuned to be afraid of these poisonous creatures, but what more can we learn about them and their ‘biological weapons’?