Featured structures

01 Apr 2021Glutamate receptor 2 and epilepsy artwork by Esther Robson Glutamate receptors and epilepsy

Epilepsy, a burden for many

05 Mar 2021The amazing spider silk protein structure The amazing spider silk

Spider silk


Spider silk is an incredibly strong and versatile material, both sturdy - it is five times stronger by weight than steel - and elastic - it can be stretched 2-4 times its original length without breaking. Spider silk threads usually measure just a few microns in diameter, making them even thinner than a human hair, yet they are waterproof and able to keep their strength below -40°C.


01 Feb 2021Lysozyme Artwork PDB ID 1lmn Protecting us… even in our tears…

We are still making discoveries about lysozyme and its many roles in the arms-race between our body’s defences and bacterial invaders. 

01 Jan 2021Biofilms protein artwork by Hannah Simon from Stephen Perse Foundation Biofilms

Things are always better when we work together - and the same can be said even for microscopic organisms. Our featured structure for January 2021 discusses these tiny communities, and the proteins that help bring them together.


A microscopic community

01 Dec 2020Artwork by Nicholas Malasiotis (Stephen Perse Foundation) The Human Papillomavirus

The unseen battle

The structure that inspired December's image in our 2020 calendar is that of the whole Human Papillomavirus viral capsid. Whilst most people will experience a harmless HPV infection during their life, for some the consequences can be fatal. 

01 Oct 2020Artwork by Imogen Phillips (Stephen Perse Foundation) Depression and neurotransmitters

Depression, a common mental disorder

 While a depressed mood is a normal temporary reaction to life events, a symptom of some physical diseases, or sometimes a side effect of some drugs and medical treatments, depression is a common mental disorder characterized by a persistent sadness and lack of interest in previously enjoyable activities. According to the World Health Organization, depression is a leading cause of disability around the world, and its effects can be long-lasting, dramatically affecting a person’s ability to live a rewarding life.

01 Sep 2020Artworks from the PDBe 2020 calendar depicting haemoglobin and red blood cells The blood protein

The images for September in our 2020 PDBe calendar are inspired by a protein that flows through our veins and arteries, transporting the the most vital molecule we need to survive and thrive.



01 Aug 2020Sculpture and batik of the process of protein synthesis on the ribosome The protein factory

The artwork for August in our 2020 PDBe calendar is inspired by the cell’s protein making machines called ribosomes. Ribosomes are highly complex and crucial structures in the cell that fulfil the vital role of protein synthesis.

The cell’s protein factory

01 Jul 2020PDB Art calendar artwork for July - DMRT1 Sex differentiation: more than XX or XY

The artwork for July in our PDBe 2020 calendar is inspired by a protein that’s vital for the determination of sex in mammals. One small interaction between this protein and DNA can determine whether an embryo develops as male or female.


01 Jun 2020Artwork depicting Luciferase enzyme that creates light in fireflies Shine On

June’s artwork represents the structure of the key enzyme in bioluminescence and brings light into our 2020 calendar.