Featured structures

01 May 2020PDBe calendar 2020 May Protein folding: Origami with Jellyfish


The featured structure for May in the PDBe calendar draws inspiration from the protein prefoldin, a chaperone protein that helps other proteins to fold correctly. 

Protein folding is a fundamental concept to the field of structural biology, describing the morphological journey nascent proteins take en route to their mature three-dimensional form.

01 Apr 2020Vision - artwork displaying eyes and the rhodopsin protein Visual purple

The protein which inspired the image for April in our 2020 calendar is rhodopsin, the primary photoreceptor molecule in vision. Rhodopsin is a light-sensitive G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) containing a light-absorbing chromophore, retinal. On exposure to light, rhodopsin undergoes conformational changes, initiating a signal transduction cascade.

01 Mar 2020Beauty and pain - artwork displaying flowers and bee venom protein Small creatures with a big impact

This month, our 2020 calendar is taking us on an exploration of the composition of bee venom and its promising application in medicine.

01 Feb 2020 Mighty little finger

The February image in our 2020 calendar presents an artwork exploring the link between DNA and its interaction with a Zinc finger protein.

01 Jan 2020Toxins artwork from PDB Art project From toxin to remedy

The first artwork in our 2020 calendar is a stunning combination of venomous beasts and protein structures. We are tuned to be afraid of these poisonous creatures, but what more can we learn about them and their ‘biological weapons’?

01 Dec 2019Captain America somatotropin PDB artwork Marvel's Captain America

December’s marvellous featured artwork in our 2019 PDBe calendar raises an apposite question surrounding the origins of greatness, drawing inspiration from the Human growth hormone somatotropin; molecules or morals. It’s surely not black and white, but is it ever red, white, and blue?

01 Nov 2019Intaglio print of conotoxin protein structures from the PDB Deadly toxins from the sea

Have you ever wondered what the most dangerous animal living in the sea is? The neurotoxin from one particularly dangerous creature became an inspiration for the November artwork in our 2019 calendar, but it’s probably not the creature you’re thinking of.

01 Oct 2019Myoglobin protein structure artwork inspired by Gregory Edwards It all started with myoglobin

It’s the 1950s; the cold war is at its height, rock and roll has swept the charts, and science is advancing greatly, leading to the determination of the 1st protein structures, one of which is featured on October of our 2019 calendar.

01 Sep 2019CRISPR inspired artwork Pygmalion 5x2g

The September image in our 2019 calendar is inspired by a molecular system that can edit DNA and the story of a statue coming to life.


01 Aug 2019Sketch of icosahedral virus Icosahedron Assembly

The image for August from our 2019 calendar features a recurring theme among the structures which inspire artists: the icosahedral virus. In this case, one which has the potential to devastate crop production worldwide.