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Characterization of a Cyanobacterial Haloperoxidase and Evaluation of its Biocatalytic Halogenation Potential.

Chembiochem (2016)
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Vanadium-dependent haloperoxidases (VHPOs) are an exquisite class of halogenating enzymes found in fungi, lichen, algae and bacteria. We report the cloning, purification and characterization of a functional VHPO from the cyanobacterium Acaryochloris marina (AmVHPO), including its structure determination by X-ray crystallography. The AmVHPO features a unique set of disulfide bonds, which stabilize the dodecameric assembly of the protein. Easy access by high-yield recombinant expression as well as resistance towards organic solvents and temperature, together with a distinct halogenation reactivity, make this enzyme a promising starting point for the development of biocatalytic transformations.

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