X-ray diffraction
2.8Å resolution

Crystal structure of the human BTLA-HVEM complex

Source organism: Homo sapiens

Function and Biology Details

Structure analysis Details

Assemblies composition:
hetero dimer
hetero tetramer (preferred)
Entry contents:
2 distinct polypeptide molecules
Macromolecules (4 distinct):
B- and T-lymphocyte attenuator Chains: A, X
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Chains: A, X
Length: 120 amino acids
Theoretical weight: 14.1 KDa
Source organism: Homo sapiens
Expression system: Escherichia coli
  • Canonical: Q7Z6A9 (Residues: 26-137; Coverage: 41%)
Gene name: BTLA
Sequence domains: Immunoglobulin domain
Structure domains: Immunoglobulins
Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 14 Chains: B, Y
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Chains: B, Y
Length: 108 amino acids
Theoretical weight: 11.45 KDa
Source organism: Homo sapiens
Expression system: Spodoptera frugiperda
  • Canonical: Q92956 (Residues: 39-142; Coverage: 42%)
Gene names: HVEA, HVEM, TNFRSF14, UNQ329/PRO509
Sequence domains: TNFR/NGFR cysteine-rich region
Structure domains: Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor, subunit A, domain 2

Ligands and Environments

Carbohydrate polymer : NEW Components: NAG
Carbohydrate polymer : NEW Components: NAG, FUL
1 bound ligand:
No modified residues

Experiments and Validation Details

Entry percentile scores
X-ray source: ALS BEAMLINE 5.0.1
Spacegroup: C2221
Unit cell:
a: 49.294Å b: 167.116Å c: 148.68Å
α: 90° β: 90° γ: 90°
R R work R free
0.236 0.231 0.278
Expression systems:
  • Escherichia coli
  • Spodoptera frugiperda