Electron Microscopy
9.5Å resolution

Localization and dynamic behavior of ribosomal protein L30e

Source organisms:
Primary publication:
Localization and dynamic behavior of ribosomal protein L30e.
Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 12 467-8 (2005)
PMID: 15864315
Related structures: EMD-1125

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Structure analysis Details

Assembly composition:
hetero hexamer (preferred)
Entry contents:
3 distinct polypeptide molecules
3 distinct RNA molecules
Macromolecules (6 distinct):
60S ribosomal protein L30 Chain: C
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Chain: C
Length: 104 amino acids
Theoretical weight: 11.51 KDa
Source organism: Triticum aestivum
  • Canonical: Q5I7K9 (Residues: 6-109; Coverage: 93%)
Sequence domains: Ribosomal protein L7Ae/L30e/S12e/Gadd45 family
60S ribosomal protein L37a-1 Chain: D
Molecule details ›
Chain: D
Length: 73 amino acids
Theoretical weight: 8 KDa
Source organism: Oryza sativa
  • Canonical: P0DKK1 (Residues: 10-82; Coverage: 79%)
Gene names: B1144G04.40-1, LOC_Os01g48770, Os01g0679700, OsJ_03011
40S ribosomal protein S13-1 Chain: E
Molecule details ›
Chain: E
Length: 84 amino acids
Theoretical weight: 9.91 KDa
Source organism: Oryza sativa
  • Canonical: Q69UI2 (Residues: 65-148; Coverage: 56%)
Gene names: LOC_Os08g02400, Os08g0117200, P0470F10.17
RNA (28-MER) Chain: A
Molecule details ›
Chain: A
Length: 28 nucleotides
Theoretical weight: 9.16 KDa
RNA (34-MER) Chain: F
Molecule details ›
Chain: F
Length: 34 nucleotides
Theoretical weight: 11.06 KDa
RNA (101-MER) Chain: B
Molecule details ›
Chain: B
Length: 101 nucleotides
Theoretical weight: 32.99 KDa
Sequence domains: Bacterial small subunit ribosomal RNA

Ligands and Environments

No bound ligands
No modified residues

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Resolution: 9.5Å
Relevant EMDB volumes: EMD-1125