EMD-1603 Visual analysis

12 Angstrom resolution cryo-electron microscopy reconstruction of a recombinant active ribonucleoprotein particle of influenza virus (9-fold symmetrized).

Single particle reconstruction
Overview of EMD-1603
Sample name: influenza virus ribonucleoprotein particle from INFLUENZA A VIRUS STRAIN A/VICTORIA/3/75 (H3N1 AFRICAN GREEN MONKEY
Organism: Influenza A virus (A/Victoria/3/1975(H3N2))
Fitted atomic model: 2wfs

Map parameters

Recommended contour level: 3.50 (author)
Number of grid points: 160 × 160 × 160
Voxel size: 2.80 × 2.80 × 2.80 Å
Minimum density: -5.409
Maximum density: 14.178
Average density: -0.001
Standard deviation: 0.886