EMD-1311 Function and Biology

Cryo-EM visualization of transfer messenger RNA with two SmpBs in a stalled ribosome.

Single particle reconstruction
13.6Å resolution
Overview of EMD-1311
Sample name: Thermus thermophilus 70S ribosome
Number of unique components: 5
Theoretical weight (MDa): 2.4

70S Ribosome

Ribosome-prokaryote type
Name: 70S Ribosome
Experimental weight (MDa): 2.3

small protein B [Thermus thermophilus]

Protein type
Name: small protein B
Experimental weight (MDa): 0.019
Number of copies: 2

tmRNA [Thermus thermophilus]

Nucleic-acid type
Name: tmRNA
Type: RNA
Structure: OTHER
Synthetic: false

tRNA [Thermus thermophilus]

Nucleic-acid type
Name: tRNA
Type: T-RNA
Structure: OTHER
Synthetic: false

EF-Tu [Thermus thermophilus]

Protein type
Name: EF-Tu
Number of copies: 1