EMD-11594 Function and Biology

The structure of HAdV-D56 in complex with CD46

Single particle reconstruction
5.11Å resolution
Overview of EMD-11594
Sample name: Human adenovirus 56
Number of unique components: 2

Human adenovirus 56

Virus type
Name: Human adenovirus 56
Virus type: VIRION
Virus isolate type: SEROTYPE
Virus enveloped: false
Virus empty: false
Natural host of the virus
Organism: Homo sapiens
Virus shell 1
Shell diameter (Å): 1000.0

CD46 complement regulatory protein [Homo sapiens]

Protein type
Name: CD46 complement regulatory protein
Experimental weight (MDa): 0.06
Expression system
Expression system: Homo sapiens
Cell line: HEK293