Re: Author ordinal and example files

Paula Fitzgerald (paula_fitzgerald@Merck.Com)
Tue, 8 Aug 95 16:19:44 EDT

Hi folks -

> 1.	I think that in defining citations it is important that the order of
> the authors and editors be explicitly defined.  This can be handled by adding
> to data items to the dictionary _citation_author.ordinal and
> _citation_editor.ordinal.  An possible definition for _citation_author.ordinal
> is given below.
> save__citation_author.ordinal
>   _item_description.description
> ;     This data item defines the position of the author's name in the list of
>          authors on a citation.
> ;
>                '_citation_author.ordinal'
>   _itme.mandatory_code      yes
>   _item.category_id         citation_author
>   _item.type.code           integer
> save_
I have added this data item (slightly revised) to the dictionary and made a
few other housekeeping type changes.  The new version has been sent to
Rutgers and should be posted on the Web page in the next little while.  For
the record, here is the audit trail for the changes:

- - - - -
  0.7.21 1995-08-08
  Changes (PMDF):
    + Added _citation_author.ordinal and updated examples to reflect this
    + Changed _item.mandatory_code for to 'yes'.
    + First pass at checking the dictionary for spelling - lots of little
        changes in lots of places.
    + Removed many occurrances of 'with with' in definitions.
- - - - -

Keep those card and letters coming folks - we really appreciate the input.


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