CCP4 Coordinate Library Project

Eugene B. Krissinel
European Bioinformatics Institute
Genome Campus, Hinxton
Cambridge CB10 1SD

Tel: +44 (0) 1223 494628
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Last update: 06.05.2009

Take the Library source code (version 1.21) from here (please read Part 2 in file src/README if you are updating an existing version of the Library) . The Library is accompanied by optional monomer database. Starting from 26.03.2004, this database is not compatible with earlier versions of the Library (version 1.04 and lower). However, newer version of Library will support all functionality of older monomer databases.

This is not an official release of the Library, please refer to CCP4 for the official release. The released interface will not change, non-released options may be changed and new functions added. There is no error-free guarantee. Documentation covers most significant and vital functionality, but not all functions. Reports on noticed errors and suggestions on interface and functionality are welcome.


1. Introduction
2. General scheme
3. RWBROOK interface for FORTRAN and C programmers
4. Object interface for C and C++ programmers
5. Object library for reading/writing CIF files