The Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe) is supported by the following organisations: 

EMDBLogo EMBL is the EBI's parent organisation. It provides core funding (staff, space, equipment) for PDBe.
WTLogo As well as providing and maintaining the campus on which the EBI is located, the Wellcome Trust also provides a significant amount of core funding for PDBe. The current grant runs from February 2015 to January 2020.

BBSRC currently supports our SIFTS (2015-2018) and PDB-SAS (2015-2016) projects. BBSRC also co-funds our Mol2Cell project (2014-2017).

MRCLogo MRC supports CCP-EM in which we participate. MRC also supports our Mol2Cell project (2014-2017).
NIHLogo NIH provides funding for the EMDataBank project (2013-2017).
EULogo The European Union provides support for PDBe through the WestLife (2015-2018) project.

Many organisations have supported PDBe activities in the past. For more information, please contact the Head of PDBe (