Scientific Advisory Board

The Molecular & Cellular Structure Cluster SAB (Scientific Advisory Board) provides independent advice on scientific and technical questions impacting on the specification and maintenance of MCS activities, services and resources as well as on the role of the MCS Cluster. The SAB represents the broad interests of the European structural biology community and meets once a year at the EMBL-EBI.

MCS SAB members

MCS SAB 2017

MCS SAB meeting, April 2017. Left to right: Michael Nilges (Paris), Alexandre Bonvin (Utrecht), Sarah Butcher (Helsinki), Arwen Pearson (Hamburg), Dave Brown (Canterbury), Lucy Collinson (London), Susan Lea (Oxford). Not in photo: Manuela Helmer Citterich (Rome).

 MCS SAB member  Served
Susan Lea 2017-present
Alexandre Bonvin 2017-present
Lucy Collinson 2017-present
Arwen Pearson 2015-present
Dave Brown 2014-present
Sarah Butcher
2013-present (chair from 2016)
Manuela Helmer Citterich
Michael Nilges 2013-present
Randy Read
2009-2016 (chair 2012-2015)
Titia Sixma
Michael Sattler 2009-2014
Helen Saibil 2009-2014
Tomas Lundqvist 2009-2014
Andrea Mattevi 2009-2013
Udo Heinemann 2009-2013
Torsten Schwede 2008-2013
Rob Cooke 2006-2009
Keith Wilson 2004-2011 (chair 2004-2011)
Ernest Laue 2004-2011
Andreas Engel
Gerard Kleywegt 2004-2008
Rob Kaptein 2004-2008
Johann Gasteiger 2004-2008
Jim Naismith


Usually, one or two of the MCS SAB members represent the European structural biology community at the annual wwPDB Advisory Committee meetings.

In the early years of the PDBe (when it was called the Macromolecular Structure Database, MSD) there was also a SAC, consisting of Alwyn Jones (chair; X-ray), David Neuhaus (NMR), Keith Wilson (X-ray), Manuel Peitsch (databases, analysis) and Joel Janin (X-ray, analysis).