PDB format no longer accepted mandatory mmCIF format

01 Jul 2019

Mandatory mmCIF format for crystallographic depositions to the PDB

From today, July 1st 2019, submission of PDBx/mmCIF format files for crystallographic depositions to the PDB is mandatory.

wwPDB news

12 Jun 2019

Improvements to wwPDB validation reports

The recent update made to the wwPDB validation reports gives much clearer validation information for ligands.

Poster prize awardee

03 Jun 2019

Poster Prize awarded at International School on Biological Crystallization

Congratulations to Diana Silva from the Institute of Experimental Biology and Technology (IBET) in Portugal who was awarded the PDBe-sponsored prize for best poster at the recent International School on Biological Crystallization held in Granada, Spain.

PDBe-KB aggregated views for proteins

10 May 2019

New features in the PDBe-KB aggregated views

It is now even easier to view all the structural data available for a protein, thanks to recent updates to the PDBe-KB aggregated views.

21 Mar 2019

New PDBe-KB aggregated views of protein structure

We are delighted to announce the new protein-centric aggregated views, developed as part of our new collaborative resource Protein Data Bank in Europe Knowledge Base (PDBe-KB).

PDBe-KB is a community-driven resource managed by the PDBe team, collating functional annotations and predictions for structure data in the PDB archive, giving researchers a more comprehensive view of publicly available protein structure data.

wwPDB news - 150,000 PDB entries released

20 Mar 2019

The PDB archive reaches a significant milestone

With this week's update, the PDB archive has passed the milestone of 150,000 entries, and now contains a total of 150,145.

Established in 1971, this central, public archive has reached this milestone thanks to the efforts of structural biologists throughout the world who collectively contribute a wealth of experimentally-determined protein and nucleic acid structure data, which is made available to researchers all around the world, across many different disciplines.

wwPDB news

20 Feb 2019

Mandatory mmCIF format for crystallographic depositions to the PDB

From July 1st 2019 onward, mmCIF format files will become mandatory for crystallographic depositions to the Protein Data Bank. PDB format files will no longer be accepted for deposition of structures solved by these techniques.

New 2019 PDBe calendar

11 Dec 2018

2019 calendar: Science and Society

The link between scientific research and day-to-day life is more significant than one might first imagine. Our new PDBe calendar for 2019, entitled 'Science and Society,' explores the connection between these two seemingly disconnected activities through the creation of artworks by school students.

Attendees of the BioExcel/PDBe Hackathon

10 Dec 2018

A successful Hackathon with BioExcel partners

Last month we hosted a hackathon event where BioExcel developers joined members of the PDBe team to tackle problems related to programmatic access of PDB data. In addition to helping the BioExcel partners to answer questions by using the PDBe REST API, our team also introduce them to a new graph database that is being developed at PDBe.

05 Dec 2018

New publication from the global wwPDB consortium

An important new publication describing the activities and development of the Protein Data Bank (PDB), and authored by the whole wwPDB consortium, has been recently released in the 2019 Database issue of Nucleic Acids Research.

Please see the following news release from the wwPDB website: