Test the new sequence and ligand components at PDBe

New ProtVista and LigEnv components at PDBe
23 April 2020


We are delighted to offer two new components available for beta testing on our PDBe entry pages: the ProtVista sequence component on the PDBe macromolecules pages and the LigEnv component on the ligands and environments pages.

Try the ProtVista component on our macromolecules page here.

Try the new LigEnv component on our ligands and environments page here.



The ProtVista sequence view component has replaced our previous sequence viewer on the PDBe macromolecules pages to help users interactively view sequence-related data alongside topology and 3D structure. This allows the display of much more data than was possible through our previous sequence viewer, with annotations including:

  • Ligand binding sites
  • Macromolecular interaction interfaces
  • Sequence conservation
  • Variants
  • Functional and biophysical annotations, such as predicted binding sites, druggable pockets, backbone flexibility, and residue depth


Beta test ProtVista on the PDBe macromolecules pages now!



The LigEnv component is a new, interactive component displaying views of ligand binding sites and will replace the static LigPlot image on our ligands and environments pages. The viewer displays atomic-level interactions between ligands and macromolecular binding sites, based on calculated interactions from Arpeggio software. The information displayed in the LigEnv component also  interact with an adjacent Mol* viewer, allowing you to easily highlight key binding residues in the 3D structure.


Beta test LigEnv on the PDBe Ligands and Environments pages now!