PDBe Explores Art

Image of artwork and the book given to the student as prize
29 March 2018

PDBe recently contributed to an art exhibition in Cambridgeshire celebrating young people's artwork, as part of our ongoing work with school art departments.


The Cambridgeshire Area Young Artist Competition (CAYAC) is an exhibition of school artwork from across the region, this year held at Cottenham Village College on 16-17th March. It is a showcase of the best artwork from many schools in Cambridgeshire and displays artwork from a number of students from ages 5 to 18 years old. This year, PDBe was excited to be involved, contributing a prize of a scientific art book to a winner of the secondary age group (see image to left).


The CAYAC art exhibition was started over 5 years ago and is organised by the artist Steve Ferris, and members from local art societies, in particular Jill Challener. The centerpiece of the exhibition was an artwork is called "eidophusikon" and is inspired by Donato Bramante's "tempietto", meaning "small temple". It is inspired from epithelial cells and the solar system, and was assembled into a small room made from panels of artwork, each planned and designed by Steve Ferris and then created by students from different schools. The effect was impressive, using a torch to highlight the artwork and creating immersion into a three dimensional magical world (see images below)


To learn more about the PDBe art project - explore our Pinterest account that teachers and students use inspire artworks based on protein structures.


Volunteers instaling artwork, and the final artwork - assembled


Volunteers installing the artwork "eidophusikon" (left) and the final piece in the exhibition (right). The inset (lower right) shows the roof panel.