New publication describing the PDBe-KB resource

New Protein Data Bank in Europe - Knowledge Base (PDBe-KB) publication available
11 October 2019

A new publication, describing the community-driven PDBe-KB resource, is now available in Nucleic Acids Research.

PDBe-KB (Protein Data Bank in Europe - Knowledge Base) is a community-driven resource managed by the PDBe team, collating functional annotations and predictions for structure data in the PDB archive. PDBe-KB is a collaborative effort between PDBe and a diverse group of bioinformatics resources and research teams. This new publication in Nucleic Acids Research, highlights how the activities of PDBe-KB aim to increase the visibility of specialist data resources and place macromolecular structure data in their biological context.

This publication describes the structure of the PDBe-KB resource, including: the guidelines for collaborating partners, the process for deposition of data to PDBe-KB, the organisation of PDBe-KB annotations in a new graph database, and access to the data via a specialist graph API. It also introduces the new PDBe-KB aggregated views of structural data, which combine all macromolecular structure information across many PDB entries. The first examples of these pages are based on proteins and aggregate all the structural data and functional annotations for a protein, based on a UniprotKB accession.

For more information about the new resource, visit the PDBe-KB website or view our webinar describing the new protein-centric aggregated views.