New PDBe-KB COVID-19 Data Portal

PDBe-KB COVID-19 data portal
03 April 2020

Our new PDBe-KB COVID-19 data portal brings together all available PDB data from SARS-CoV-2 structures, to help researchers easily identify important structural features to support the development of treatments and vaccines.

An unprecedented number of scientific efforts are taking place worldwide in order to help combat the new coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19). One of the biggest challenges in this fast-moving situation is to share data and findings in a coordinated way, in order to understand the disease and to develop treatments and vaccines.

To support research efforts to understand more about the 2019-nCoV virus and the structures of its proteins, we have created dedicated PDBe-KB pages to highlight important structural features of released PDB entries. These pages highlight the ligand binding sites and residues involved in protein-protein interactions, to help researchers easily identify common features from all the available structure data.

Over the coming weeks we will further expand the functionality of these pages, in order to make more relevant structural biology data available for researchers. We would also appreciate your feedback so that we can learn what is most useful for users and how we can implement more functionality.

To view the PDBe-KB COVID-19 Data Portal, please visit

In addition to these pages, EMBL-EBI has set up the COVID-19 Portal, which will bring together all relevant datasets submitted to EMBL-EBI and other major centres for biomedical data. The aim is to facilitate data sharing and analysis, and to accelerate coronavirus research.