New features in the PDBe-KB aggregated views

PDBe-KB aggregated views for proteins
10 May 2019

It is now even easier to view all the structural data available for a protein, thanks to recent updates to the PDBe-KB aggregated views.

The PDBe-KB protein-centric aggregated views provide tools to easily view all the structural information related to a particular protein and are available at These pages now have even more functionality and data, thanks to a number of recent updates, so users can now get an even more comprehensive picture of the structure information available for their protein of choice. This includes adding more functional annotations, incorporating data about variants, displaying further available data from similar proteins and making these pages more visible at PDBe. All these updates enable you to get more understanding about the structure and function of a protein.

One of the major additions to the page is a section on similar proteins, which highlights where there is additional structural data available for proteins with at least 90% simlarity. Due to the high correlation of sequence and structural homology, these similar proteins will have near-identical structures to the protein of interest, therefore extending the amount of available data. These related entries are also displayed on protein aggregated views where no PDB data is currently available, therefore providing equivalent data via the proteins pages for these similar proteins.

PDBe-KB shows all the structural data available for similar proteins

Available data from similar proteins is now shown on PDBe-KB aggregated views, enabling you to find relevant data from near-identical proteins

We have also made finding the aggregated views pages much easier, by adding direct links from our PDBe search pages. Start your search from our homepage at and your search results will include links to all the available aggregated views. This means that you get all the power and control of searching at PDBe, along with the ability to view the collated structural data through PDBe-KB.

Links to PDBe-KB pages directly from PDBe search pages

Links to PDBe-KB aggregated views are now available directly from the PDBe search pages

There are now even more functional annotations available in the aggregated views, with more data now included from partner resources. These include MobiDB2 Lite, which gives predictions about instrinsic disorder in the protein, and M-CSA, which provides manually curated catalytic site annotations. We have also included variant information from Uniprot, highlighting known amino acid modifications and the likelihood of these being disease-related.

Variant information from Uniprot is now available in PDBe-KB aggregated views

Variant information from Uniprot is now available alongside structural data on the PDBe-KB aggregated views

We hope that all these updates will help bring more structural information within easy reach of our users. If you have any questions or feedback then please contact us at