Improve your previously released PDB coordinates with OneDep

wwPDB news - Improve your previously released PDB coordinates
01 August 2019

The wwPDB are pleased to announce the availability of PDB versioning, allowing depositors to update their entries while retaining the same PDB accession code.

Depositors can now submit new coordinates for existing entries. Initially, this is limited to PDB entries that were submitted via the OneDep system, which was introduced in 2014. The wwPDB plans to extend this functionality to entries deposited in the legacy systems (ADIT and Autodep) in future, and will announce a timeline for this in due course.

Requests should be initiated using the OneDep communication panel within the deposition session for the entry in question. Once submitted, the revised model will be processed by wwPDB biocurators and a new version released. Versioning of PDB entries will be limited to changes in the coordinate files, with no changes permitted to the deposited experimental data. PDB versioning will be limited to one replacement per PDB entry per year, and three entries per Principal Investigator per year.

For more, please visit the wwPDB news pages.