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PDBe Validation Report

Summary Report

We have carried out preliminary checks of the coordinate data supplied for this deposition. The link below will take you to the automatically generated summary report.

View summary report:    

Accept Validation Report

Please select "Yes" and press the "Continue" button if you wish to continue with the deposition of this structure. Otherwise, please choose "No" to unlock all sections and make any necessary corrections to your submission.

Accept report: YES

View serious error report

There was a serious problem with the uploaded data, which was discovered during the validation process. You can now view the report of the problems and correct the errors in the file.


View summary report

The validation process has completed without encountering any serious errors. You can now view the full validation report.


Accept report

If you accept the validation report you will be able to continue with the final stage of the deposition process and actually submit your structure to the PDB. If you do not accept the report, you may unlock the submission and make any necessary corrections to your submission.


Accept report ?

The validation process discovered serious problems with the file that you uploaded. You cannot continue with this submission until you have corrected the errors and uploaded new files. Please review the validation report for a detailed description of the problems.