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Title & Authors

Please provide the title and author details for this entry

Title of the wwPDB entry

Present a brief title for the experiment or analysis that is represented in this entry. This record need not be the same as the title of the journal article.

Title to be used for this entry:    

Author List

List the author(s) of this wwPDB entry. This list should be equivalent to the author list of a publication, not merely the contact author

Author(s) of this wwPDB entry:   e.g. A.Smith,B.A.Egg


Provide terms relevant to this structure. If there is more than one macromolecule in the entry, list keywords for each. Terms may come from the following categories: functional class; metabolic role; known biological or chemical activity; structural classification

Keywords (separate with commas):  

Title to be used for this entry

The title is free text and describes the contents of the entry and procedures or conditions which set this entry apart from others. The title presents an opportunity for the depositor to emphasize the underlying purpose of this particular experiment. Entries consisting of only alpha carbon atoms should state this in the title.

Please make sure that the molecule names are included in the title, as this may be used as a search field.

The type of experiment, if other than X-ray diffraction, should also be mentioned in the title.

Some examples of titles:

Crystal structure of the complex of the abl tyrosine kinase SH3 domain with 3bp-1 synthetic peptide.

High resolution solution nmr structure of the oligomerization domain of p53 by multi-dimensional NMR (sac structures).

Human dna polymerase beta complexed with gapped dna.

For Example: Trypsin inhibitor (t1) from Nicotiana alata


Author(s) of this wwPDB entry

This author list is equivalent to the author list of a publication, and is not necessarily merely the contact author. Keep in mind that this field is used by various browsers for searching.

List the people responsible for the contents of this entry. Indicate the first name and middle names by initials, each followed by a period, and then the family name. Separate individual names with a comma. Do not provide umlauts and other non-English character modifiers. Give names in English if there is an accepted English version; otherwise in the native language, transliterated if necessary. The format of the names in the AUTHOR record is the same as in the JRNL and REMARK 1 references.

Some examples of AUTHOR records as found in wwPDB entries:


For Example: M.F.Perutz,F.S.Mathews


Keywords (separate with commas)

Provide keywords relevant to the structural entry. Keywords may include the following types:

If there are more than one macromolecule in the entry, list terms for each. The functional classification to appear in the HEADER field is repeated on the KEYWDS record in the wwPDB entry.

For Example: hydrolase, chitin degradation